Armin N.

I have been experiencing hyper-acidity often. However, since I was introduced to Aqua Sparkletts Alkaline Water, my episodes of hyper-acidity have lessened and eventually disappeared through regular drinking. Thank you to Aqua Sparkletts.”

R. A. Smith

“My wife suffers from stones in her kidney stone and some other ailments but found out that Aqua Sparkletts’ alkaline water is very helpful. It controls the formation of stones in our kidneys since it neutralizes all the acids in our body. Also, the normal water supply has many rust and other dirt in it so we all drink Aqua Sparkletts’ Alkaline-ionized Water.”

Barry Lovern

“I am suffering from hyper acidity. With the help of the Aqua Sparkletts’ Alkaline-ionized water, my hyper acidity was gone. Aqua Sparkletts’ Alkaline-Ionized water is very healthy and safe. Best regards and I hope you have deserved success!”

Cynthia Feeny

“Knowing that our body is composed of 70% water leads me to believe we desperately need to replenish with QUALITY water. I’m not talking about soda, tea, juices or coffee but pure water. I chose Aqua Sparkletts because I came to realize that AQUA SPARKLETTS’ alkaline water is the best. It is not depleted of the minerals that we need and no toxins are present. I believe in drinking one-half your weight in water daily to allow your body to function properly, heal itself, and remove toxins as needed. Thank you Aqua Sparkletts for providing a water that I can trust.”